Jzhopa the Best Kitty Ever
  Coquettishly flashing her striking green eyes, and chilling out as is her wont.  Always a beauty!
          Tim Carmichael         

College of Charleston
Department of History

Marley the 50-pound puppy

Marley the 50-pound Puppy
A dreadlocked distemper survivor and former shoe chewer, pretending he's not a bundle of neverending energy.

Sidney the Amazing Frisbee Dog
Interrrupting her arduous training
program to pose
with an admirer.  Make no mistake, she is the lovliest of the lovelies, in the canine world.
     Since I am requiring my students to build webpages this term, a sense of fairness demanded I do the same, besides which I haven't created any webpages in about 10 years and it's time to give it a go again to see how things have changed.
     At present, I am teaching two sections of Modern World History, thematically framed by a focus on psychactive substances (such as sugar, tea, coffee, opium, tobacco and various forms of alcohol).  I am also teaching a senior seminar in World History, which is a change from my usual upper level offering in African History.  In terms of research, I'm primarily working with my buddy Makonnen Tegegn on a book of translations of the personal letters of Ras Täfäri Makonnen (later, the Emperor Haylä Sellassé I of Ethiopia).  At this point, the only real remaining work consists of completing the annotations, which is actually a massive and time-consuming project that is delaying publication.
     I nonetheless devote most of my energies to home life and taking care of the animals.  Baby #2 is due to arrive very soon, which I'm sure will only strengthen my focus on what is most important.
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The official flag of imperial Ethiopia
(which ended in 1974, though the flag
was retained for a few more years)
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